Bruker Optics Introduces the CryoSAS for QC of Silicon Materials

At Analytica 2010, Bruker Optics today introduces the CryoSAS, a dedicated analytical solution for the quality control of silicon materials based on infrared spectroscopy. The CryoSAS (Cryogenic Silicon Analysis System) is an all-in-one system for the low temperature impurity analysis and quality control of silicon crystals.

Optimized for ‘at-line’ operation in industrial environments, the CryoSAS combines Bruker’s FT-IR technology and expertise with low temperature closed-cycle refrigerating (CCR) devices that do not require any cryogenic liquids. CryoSAS operation incorporates a high level of automation, including reporting of the analysis results according to SEMI and ASTM standards.

Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectroscopy of silicon at very low temperatures can be used to quantitatively analyze impurities down to the parts per trillion (ppt) level in semiconductor research and development. For routine silicon quality control (QC), such systems traditionally have required expertise that is often not available in an industrial environment. Moreover, the consumption of cryogenic liquids, especially liquid helium, can generate significant operating costs, which can exceed $50,000 per year. Bruker’s new CryoSAS combines the power of highly sensitive FT-IR spectroscopy with liquid helium-free closed cycle cooling and ease-of-use for reduced training costs of QC personnel.

To ensure that the CryoSAS is suited for the quality control of silicon, Bruker cooperated extensively with scientists and engineers at several key customer sites. Dr. Byun Jong Oh, Managing Director of Kumkang Korea Chemicals Co., Ltd. (KCC), an early access customer of the new CryoSAS, commented: “KCC is one of the leading suppliers of silicon for solar cells in Korea. The highest quality of silicon is one of the most important factors for our success. In the past the analysis of impurities in silicon was quite a difficult task, and was very expensive and time consuming. The CryoSAS has brought us a big step forward in establishing a routine QC system that meets our quality goals. With the CryoSAS we have both improved performance and lowered operational costs."

Bruker has a long tradition and extensive expertise in supplying R&D equipment for semiconductor analysis. With the new CryoSAS, Bruker has also shown its commitment to provide dedicated solutions for specific analytical problems.

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