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International Light Technologies ILT70 OEM Radiometer Series

The ILT70 OEM Radiometer is a simple, NIST-traceable, hand-held light meter, designed for routine use, that can be customized with application specific detectors, labeling, graphics, and colors for OEMs and resellers.

Developed to offer OEMs and resellers a versatile instrument, the ILT70 OEM Radiometer is available in standard models to measure UVA, UVB (broadband or narrowband), bilirubin (in irradiance and band irradiance units), and germicidal. Custom sensors can also be designed for measurements between the spectral ranges of 200 and 1,100 nm with readout in units of W/cm2, W/cm2/nm,W, lux, cd/m2, as well as other imperical units. The ILT70 OEM Radiometer can be further customized with a variety of feature sets including a hold function, exposure reading, and automatic shut-off. Featuring a 4½ digit LCD that provides a direct readout, this rugged radiometer has a low-battery indicator and protective rubber boot available in several colors

Key Features

  • NIST - traceable certification
  • 4½ - digit readout
  • Detector can be customized:
    • Measurement range
    • Spectral range
    • Units of measurement
  • Simple 1 - button operation
  • Additional control buttons are optional such as units, peak, etc…
  • Up to two LED indicators available
  • Optional removable protective boot
  • 9 - volt battery operated
  • Intended for routine use by non- technical personnel

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