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High-Stability Analog Galvo Motors: The 83xxK Family from Cambridge Technology

Cambridge Technology’s 83xxK family of analog galvo motors is a series of high speed, reliable scanning systems that offer good stability over high temperatures.

Digital encoder galvanometers are the only source of instruments used to reach greater level of stability required for applications such as PV scribing, small 2D barcode marking, and wafer marking. However, with the development of 83xxK family of galvanometers having greater positional stability than the 62xx family, it is now possible to carry out these cost-sensitive applications under adverse environments.

The 83xxK galvanometers have one-third of the thermal drift of the 62xxH galvos and 40% reduction in dither.

Key Applications

The main applications of the 83xxK galvanometers are:

  • High speed operations
  • Greater level of stability over temperature
  • 40% reduction in dither
  • Varying sizes of supported aperture from 3 to 100mm
  • Drive mechanism and position detector to ensure positional stability

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