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Extended Driver Unit for High Frequency and GHz EOMs from Qubig

Qubig offers an economic and user-friendly solution with the extended driver unit for high power radio-frequency sources in the GHz-range as ideal drivers for high-frequency and GHz EOMs. The extended driver unit features a compact, modular design with a wideband, RF generator module along with a suitable RF power amplifier module. It is possible to independently use both the modules and package them in a stand-alone benchtop version or up to 6 modules in a 19” rack system for mains voltage 110/220VAC with ultra-low noise line power supplies.

EDU - High Frequency EOM Driver Module (0.1 - 4.4GHz)

  • Wideband RF Generator, PLL based (resolution: 10kHz, stability: 2.5ppm)
  • RF Power: 19dBm (resolution: 0.5dB) - seed signal for AMP RF amplifier modules
  • Plug-in unit (3HU, 14TE) for 19” systems (requires 5VDC), SMA connector
  • Compact, modular design
  • Full front-panel control (encoder & display), manua l & digital (TTL) on/off
  • Intuitive operation with auto-save and auto-recovery

AMP - RF Amplifier Modules (0.01 - 3.2 GHz)

  • broadband (up to 0.9, 2.2, 2.8 GHz) and narrow-band (1.6-1.8, 2.0-2.2, 2.4-2.7, 2.9-3.2 GHz) version
  • RF Power: 2W, 5W or up to 10W (40 dBm) – designed for EDU seed signal
  • Plug-in unit (3HU, 14TE) for 19” systems (requires 24VDC), SMA connectors
  • Highly efficient with passive heat-sink
  • Fully protected (unmatched load, over-temperature)

BOX - Standalone Benchtop Box or 19” Rack System

  • full (84TE), half (42TE) or 1/3 (28TE) 19" rack or benchtop box for 2, 3 or 6 modules (EDU, AMP)
  • matched ultra-low noise linear power supplier or mains voltage 110/220VAC
  • EMC shielded, fanless = silent 

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