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Advanced Driver Unit for Resonant EOMs from Qubig

The advanced driver unit or ADU is a user-friendly RF driver designed specifically for resonant EOMs.

It integrates a precision radio-frequency source(DDS) with an optional power amplifier and several useful features required for laser spectroscopy and frequency stabilization(PDH). The driver features simple push-button operation and automatic lock and tracks function making it a suitable solution for users that require a trouble-free, stand-alone EOM driver always operating on the EOMs optimal working point. Other than ensuring stable operation (amplitude and phase of the optical modulation) this potentially saves expensive analytical equipment such as an optical spectrum analyzer. For more complicated applications the ADU offers several input and output ports as well as PC control software (free) which can be embedded in experiment control sequences.

Key Features

The key features of the advanced driver unit are:

  • ADU - Dedicated Resonant EOM Driver (1 - 200MHz)
  • DDS based precision RF Synthesizer (resolution: 0.1Hz, stability: 100ppm (internal) or external reference)
  • RF Power: 20dBm (resolution: 0.1dB), high power version ADU/HP with Pout: 30dBm, more on request
  • Plug-in unit (3HU, 28TE) for 19” systems (req. 5/12VDC) or standalone bench-top version, fanless = silent provides clean 12V supply for fast, trans-impedance amplified photodetector (PD-AC100)
  • Automatic resonance frequency locking and tracking(ditherless)
  • Internal heterodyne frequency mixing circuit (PDH), precision phase adjust (< mrad), high conversion, 3xf0 front-panel & remote PC controllable (USB), free software, digital in-/outputs, interlock, auto-recovery
  • EMC shielded with ultra-low noise linear power supplies (optional for mains voltage 110/220VAC)


The applications of the advanced driver unit are:

  • Frequency modulation (FM) spectroscopy, modulation Transfer (MT) Spectroscopy
  • Laser Frequency Stabilization, Optical Cavity locking, Pound-Drever Hall lock (PDH)
  • Spectral Broadening
  • Precision Optical Phase Control (e.g. for Dynamic Optical Lattices)

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