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EVG620 HBL Gen II Fully Automated Mask Alignment System for HB-LEDs by EV Group

The EVG620 HBL is a dedicated, fully automated mask alignment system for high volume manufacturing of High-Brightness LEDs (HB-LEDs), compound semiconductors and power electronics. Based on the highly successful and field-proven EVG620, the HBL-version - in its second generation - is optimized for lowest cost-of-ownership and highest yield in LED and compound semiconductor manufacturing. Processing of up to 165 wafers per hour with highest alignment accuracy. Designed to handle bowed, warped and transparent substrates up to 150 mm, as being common in HB-LED, RF and power devices or surface acoustic wave filters. These features make the EVG620 HBL the perfect solution for high volume manufacturing of HB-LEDs and compound semiconductors.


Dedicated mask alignment system for HB-LEDs

  • Wafer sizes up to 150 mm
  • Up to 220 wafers per hour in first print mode
  • Up to 165 wafers per hour in automatic alignment mode
  • Superior automatic alignment for LED manufacturing, optimized for transparent and low contrast substrates
  • Recipe controlled microscope illumination spectrum for best pattern contrast for patterned sapphire substrates (PSS) and roughened surfaces
  • Line alignment capability which leverages the scribe line grid of sapphire wafers for alignment

Optimized for maximum productivity:

  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
  • Highest Capital Efficiency
  • Highest Footprint Efficiency

Fully automated system for high volume manufacturing

  • High intensity UV-light source configuration for shortened process time
  • Simplified mask loading for minimal set-up time
  • Lowest footprint - 1.7m3 - and minimized facility requirements for optimized cost of ownership
  • Wafer cassette mapping and SECS II/GEM interface for optimum substrate traceability

EVG's field proven mask alignment technology

  • Minimum contact force for wafer wedge compensation and high yield processing
  • Tool conversion time for different substrate sizes: < 1 min

Total solution for HB-LEDs

  • Field-proven equipment for high volume manufacturing
  • Worldwide process engineering support
  • Worldwide customer support

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