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sCMOS Cameras - Neo & Zyla Series

Andor offers multi-megapixel scientific CMOS (sCMOS) cameras that combine a number of features such as high resolution, rapid frame rates, ultra-low noise, large field of view and wide dynamic range that are not available in other CMOS or CCD cameras.

sCMOS is a breakthrough technology that provides a sophisticated set of performance features, making it suitable for high fidelity, quantitative scientific measurements.

The multi-megapixel sensors provide high resolution sans compromising on frame rate, read noise, or dynamic range.

The Andor sCMOS range provides both a commercial and technical solution to a wide range of research and OEM applications. The Neo is the only vacuum cooled sCMOS camera that features a rolling and global shutter. It is ultra-sensitive and has low noise.

The Zyla range is available as 5.5 or 4.2 megapixel.  Zyla is compact, lightweight, and cost effective. Its key features are a high quantum efficiency (QE), 100fps, USB 3.0, rolling and global shutter (Zyla 5.5 model), and the new LightScan PLUS with FlexiScan and CycleMax (Zyla 4.2 CL model)

Key Features

The main features of the Neo and Zyla sCMOS cameras include:

  • Rolling and global (Snapshot) shutter
  • Multi-megapixel sensor formats and 6.5µm pixel
  • 100fps
  • Down to sub-electron read noise (0.9 e-)
  • 12-bit and 16-bit modes
  • Dual-gain amplifiers
  • TE cooled
  • Extensive FPGA on-head data processing
  • Dynamic baseline clamp
  • Hardware timestamp
  • iCam
  • Data flow monitor
  • Spurious noise filter
  • Cameralink & USB 3.0
  • Comprehensive trigger modes and I/O

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