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Photostimulation Solutions - iStar ICCD Camera

Andor’s iStar ICCD series is designed to extract the very best from intensifier technologies and sCMOS/CCD sensors, acquiring an excellent fusion of ultra-high sensitivity and fast acquisitions rates down to single photon.

Excellent detection performances are realized through high quantum-efficiency image intensifiers and low noise electronics. Other features of the iStar ICCD camera series comprise improved intensifier EBI noise reduction, 500kHz photocathode gating rates and thermo-electric cooling to -40°C.

In addition, low jitter, low insertion delay gating electronics and nanosecond-scale optical gating offer exceptional timing precision down to few 10’s of picoseconds and enable highly accurate synchronization of challenging experiments via input/output interface and a wide range of triggering options.

Key Features

The main features of the iStar ICCD cameras series include:

  • Multi-MHz readout speeds - Rapid image capture for fast transition phenomena analysis, up to 1,000’s spectra per second with crop-mode and fast kinetics mode
  • High resolution imaging and spectroscopy sensor formats
  • Built-in digital delay generator – Fully integrated, low-jitter, with triple outputs for maximum flexibility and ease of control and integration into complex setups
  • Close-coupled gating - < 2 ns true optical gating
  • High resolution Gen 2 and 3 intensifiers - Highest available intensifier resolution with QE > 50% and sensitivity options from 120 to 1,100nm. Ø18 or 25 mm options
  • Fibre-optic coupling - High optical throughput without vignetting
  • Photocathode gating rate up to 500 kHz - Improved signal to noise ratio for high speed laser-based experiments
  • IntelliGate™: MCP gating for on/off ratios >108 in the UV
  • Thermo-electric cooling down to -40°C: Suitable for low-light applications
  • Lowest insertion delay - As low as 19 ns
  • USB 2.0 connectivity - Plug-and-play, rugged and lockable interface; multi-camera control from laptop or PC

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