PM-1500 Series Fibre Optic Power Meter from Scitec Instruments

The 1500 Series Fibre Optic Power Meters and Light Sources are indispensable tools for fibre installation and maintenance.

The Fibre Optic Power Meter measures optical power and, when paired with the LS-1500 Series Light Sources, it will perform automatic loss measurements with wavelength recognition for up to three laser wavelengths.


  • Automated loss measurements for three wavelengths
  • Auto wavelength recognition
  • Universal fibre optic power meter and light source adapters FC/ST and SC
  • Fibre Optic Power Meter with 75 dB dynamic range
  • Stable single port triple wavelength laser
  • Storage for 200 triple wavelength loss measurements
  • Rechargeable Li polymer 9V battery
  • USB interface with free PC application software
  • Replacement for the now discontinued FPM-250

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