Filmetrics® F40: Measure Thickness and Refractive Index

The Filmetrics® F40 benchtop thin-film analyzer from KLA Instruments provides precise measurements of the refractive index, thickness and reflectance of multiple films and coatings. Spot size as small as 1 µm allows use on both patterned and unpatterned samples.

It is simple to attach the F40 to an existing microscope using the included C-mount attachment and CCD camera for combined video of the sample surface.

Normally, the F40 configuration is identified for a particular film thickness range, from the F40-UV for measuring films as thin as 4 nm, to the F40-XT measuring films measuring a thickness up to 350 µm.

The F40 might be utilized for a range of thin-film types including:

  • Display films (cell gaps, polyimides, ITO)
  • Semiconductor films (process films, photoresist, nitrides, oxides)
  • Biomedical coatings (membranes, polymer or parylene, implant coatings)
  • MEMS (Si membranes, photoresist, AlN/ZnO thin film filters)

Listed below are the key features of the F40:

  • Film thickness measurements range from 4 nm to 350 µm (based on configuration)
  • CCD camera available with combined video
  • Spot size ranges from 1 µm to 100 µm (depending on configuration)
  • Comes with built-in online diagnostics
  • Intuitive measurement and analysis software
  • 24-hour e-mail, phone, and online support

Optional features for the F40:

  • Motorized autofocus
  • XY10 stage base
  • Broadband UV microscope SS-Microscope-UVX-1
  • Broadband microscope SS-Microscope-EXR-1

Filmetrics® F40: Measure Thickness and Refractive Index

The Filmetrics F40 from KLA Instruments. Image Credit: Filmetrics, a KLA Company

Filmetrics® F40: Measure Thickness and Refractive Index

The F40 configuration specifies the film thickness measurement range. Image Credit: Filmetrics, a KLA Company

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