Small-Area LED Solar Simulator - pico™

The pico™ LED small-area solar simulator designed by G2V Optics offers genuinely controllable illumination along with traceable calibration and software-controlled spectra, without any moving parts, bulbs, or filters.

The pico™ can simulate any extraterrestrial or terrestrial solar spectra such as AM1.5G, AM0–AM10, season-, geography-, or time-specific spectra with the press of a button.

  • Customizable
  • Class AAA
  • Upgradable


Sunlight Simulating Light Source

The pico™ LED solar simulator begins with the standard ASTM AM1.5G spectrum of 400 to 1100 nm. While ordering their pico™, users can also place orders for other factory custom-built options. They can also add numerous modules to upgrade their pico™ simulator after their first purchase.

The G2V pico has become a core tool in our research providing both the versatility and reliability that we need.

Jillian Buriak (University of Alberta - Buriak Research Group, Professor of Chemistry, Editor-in-Chief - ACS Chemistry of Materials)

The pico™ is Designed to Grow with Users’ Research Needs

Being a research-grade instrument, the pico™ can be used for environmental testing, photochemistry, and solar cell testing. Users can choose a spectral range and upgrade to quantify photovoltaic IV characteristics, to fully control spectrum and intensity, and to achieve low-resolution EQE measurements.

Class AAA

Class A Spectral Match

Spectral irradiance graph

AM1.5G spectral match surpasses ASTM E927 requirements by a factor of 5 times. Also available are Variable spectra with preset AM0 to AM40 and custom spectra.

Class A Spatial Uniformity

Spatial uniformity chart

One sun-equivalent irradiance area of 9 cm2 with spatial non-uniformity of less than 2%.

Class A Temporal Stability

temporal stability graph

Temporal instability of 0.2% surpasses the requirements of Class A by 10 times.

Benefits of LED Illumination

  • Warm-up time is minimal
  • No need to replace bulbs
  • Manual calibration is not required
  • No explosive bulb failure

The pico™ is the only upgradable LED Solar Simulator available with three upgrade modules.

Variable Spectra Module, Including One-Click Sun Software

The Variable Spectra module allows complete spectral control with intensity manipulation controlled by software. This upgrade allows users to control up to 26 tunable channels to simulate almost any solar situation.

A user-programmable and software-controlled spectrum of the Variable Spectra module allows users to replicate and perform spectrum-specific research. Preset AM1.5G and AM0 to AM40 spectra are also included for intensities ranging from 0 to 1.1 suns.

Included with the Variable Spectra Module.

Included with the Variable Spectra Module.

One-Click Sun™

The One-Click Sun™ Software allows users to simulate spectrum and irradiance based on the time of day, season, and geography. G2V Optics’ software is precise, simple, and can be easily configured.

World map showing sun movements

IV Module

Integrated data collection software and hardware for PV PCE measurement

The IV module quantifies the performance of a solar cell and produces a characterization report with all electrical properties—based on the ASTM E1021 test method standard.

Users can achieve quick and precise measurements for their research cells with Current-Voltage testing and benefit from the simplicity of a system that incorporates all the essential equipment and analysis.

Low-Resolution EQE Module

Incorporated data collection software and hardware for low-resolution EQE measurement

The Low-Resolution EQE module offers wavelength-resolved measurements of the performance of users’ devices under lively conditions. After a test method similar to the ASTM E1021 standard method, the External Quantum Efficiency module enables users to gain an understanding of the factors that restrict the performance in their devices.

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