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Large-Area Solar Simulator - sunbrick™

The sunbrick™ is a large-area solar simulator from G2V Optics that utilizes the same solar replication technology that has been proven in the Pico simulator.

The sunbrick™ uses the latest LED-driven illumination, thereby making the large-area solar simulation fast and easy without any need for field calibration or bulb replacement.

The sunbrick™ has minimal warm-up time and can fit in various different working areas, thanks to its modular design. Whether users need illumination in a limited space or in their entire testing facility, the sunbrick™ can offer a high-quality solar simulation solution required by users.

Solar Spectral Match

Spectral irradiance graph sunbrick™

Exceeding Class A

The sunbrick™ solar simulator provides a high-precision, high-consistency spectral discrepancy below 5% to surpass Class A requirements by a factor of 5—as defined by JIS, IEC, and ASTM.

Programmable Spectra are Included


Variable Spectra

The Variable Spectra module allows complete spectral control with software-controlled manipulation of intensity. The spectra are also dynamic, programmable, and flexible, making it possible to control up to 20 wavelengths to simulate almost any solar condition.

Programmable spectra control is included along with any sunbrick™ bought by customers.

Tileable Large Area

Array Configuration

The advanced engineered Sunlight™ is meant for larger illumination area needs. Thanks to its novel tileable design, the sunbrick™ can be scaled to users’ preferred illumination areas without compromising on uniformity, temporal stability, or spectral match. Every single brick lights up a 25 x 25 cm area with a working distance of 50 cm.

Numerous sunbricks™ can be effortlessly mounted and networked together in arrays to offer the largest illumination possible. A 16-brick array (4 × 4) offers a solution for a 1 m2 area, with a larger-scale custom configuration that can be easily achieved.

Custom configurations are available to match users’ illumination requirements.

Users can Configure their sunbrick™

Ultraviolet Configuration

  • Users can extend the wavelength of the sunbrick™ from 350 to 1100 nm.

Near-Infrared Configuration

  • Users can extend the wavelength of the sunbrick™ from 400 to 1450 nm.

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