Arden Photonics ModCon Modal Controllers for Multimode Fiber

Improve multimode fiber loss and bandwidth measurement accuracy

  • Ensure stable launch conditions for multimode fiber measurements
  • Make sure your multimode fiber optic loss measurements comply with IEC 14 763-3

The "ModCon" Modal Controller is designed to ensure that whatever source you use to test the loss and bandwidth of your multimode optical fiber network, LED, Laser, OTDR or white light, you launch the same distribution of modes into the fiber. As a result you can eliminate the variations due to the widely different modal characteristics of the sources commonly used in fiber optic measurements and networks.

The standard ModCon is availble in 50um and 62.5um core graded index fiber, with either FC, SC or LC connectors but we have produced

  • "OEM" style ModCons which are smaller than the standard unit and are designed for customers who want to package the ModCon inside their own housing.
  • ModCons with different connector styles such as ST or specialist military and aerospace connectors
  • 12 channel Mode Controller with "MTP" connectors for use with 12 way switches

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