Oriel Sol-UV-6 1600 Watt Xenon UV Solar Simulator

The Oriel SOL-UV-6 simulator consists of a patent-pending design conforming to the ISO 24444:2010(e) First Edition, to FDA CFR Part 201.327, and the International SPF Test Method (CTFASA/COLIPA/JCIA/CTFA: May 2006 for Spectral Match.

The UV solar simulator has a beam size of 152.4 x 152.4 mm with a typical power output of 4 solar constants and beam uniformity of ≤ 5%. The lamp type used is xenon. It has an optional filter and is capable of delivering JCIA UVA compliant output. An independent, certified third party laboratory carries out validation.

Key Features

The following are the key features of the Oriel SOL-UV-6 simulator:

  • Non-uniformity of irradiance is less than 5% over the whole sampling area
  • It is possible to vary output power between 10% and 100% of the optimum solar constant for that model, using a novel integrated attenuating device
  • Using a black non-reflective finish reduces stray light
  • Safety interlocks avoid accidental exposure to UV light
  • Its robust design is backed by the Newport Corporation's world wide organization
  • Working distance is 6.0 ± 0.5inch
  • Lamp wattage is 1600 W
  • Collimation angle is (half angle) < ±3°
  • Line regulation is 0.01%
  • Temporal instability classification: less than 2% over 24 hours
  • Power requirements: 95-264 VAC/15 A/47-63 Hz

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