Oriel VeraSol-2 Class AAA LED Solar Simulator

Oriel® from Newport have launched the first in a line of innovative solar simulator designs using LED light sources. The VeraSol-2 is an advanced LED-based solar simulator that has a 2 x 2 inch (50 x 50 mm) illuminated area. Newport Corporation handles the rigerous testing of each LED-based unit for all aspects of the standards, so that compliance is adhered and a calibration certificate is provided.

The VeraSol-2 is certified AAA for non-uniformity of irradiance, spectral match, and temporal stability, rated to JIS-C8912, IEC 60904-9, and ASTM-E927-10. This advanced design drives multiple LEDs at 19 individual wavelengths, spaced over the whole spectrum.

This method allows a total customizable output spectrum without using any filters. It ensures a close spectral match to air mass spectra for Class AAA certification. The robust design of the novel Oriel VeraSol-2 is the result of years of electrical, mechanical and optical expertise exclusive to Newport Corporation.

Key Features

The main features of the VeraSol-2 are as follows:

  • Variable output adjustment from 0 to 1.0 sun
  • Rapid turn on time, < 100 ms - no shutter needed
  • Flexible mounting orientation
  • USB LED control
  • PV cell placement indicator
  • 10,000 hour LED lifetime - no bulb replacement required
  • User defined spectral control

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