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Electro Optical Industries Laboratory Collimators

The Electro Optical Industries (EOI) Laboratory Collimator (LC) series of high resolution, reflecting collimators are used to provide a collimated source of infrared and/or visible energy to a system under test. EOI's LC series of collimators offer high on axis performance with no obscuration and will accommodate a variety of sources at the focal plane.

Clear aperture diameters are available from 3 inches to 16 inches. EOI collimators are diffraction limited in the mid IR band at ambient temperature range of 20 to 30°C.

EOI's standard collimators are Vis and IR rated with 1/8 wave at 633nm.

Options are available to allow testing over large temperature extremes. Either manual or motorized focus stages may be added to test sensors with adjustable range or focus.

The primary mirror surface is an off-axis, circular segment of a paraboloid. The primary is aluminized for high reflectivity with a SiO overcoated for durability. Gold Mirror Coating is available as an option. The flat folding mirror is coated with protected silver for best reflectivity at 45 degree incidence.

Collimators may be ordered with an EOI blackbody radiation source or differential temperature source mounted on the source support plate. If the blackbody is equipped with a target or aperture wheel, the target or aperture surface will be located at the focal plane.

EOI also offers modified or custom collimators, both reflective and refractive, to meet your requirements.

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