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Broadband Arc Lamp Housing and Power Supply PowerArc™

Optical Building Blocks offers a broadband arc lamp housing and power supply called PowerArc. The arc lamp has high intensity with usable intensities also available in the near infrared to 2500nm and in the deep UV to 180nm.

Although arc lamps are similar from manufacturer to manufacturer, the arc lamp housings containing these lamps are quite different. The functions of the arc lamp housing is to hold the lamp, offer electrical contact, collect and deliver light produced from the arc, and sustain an appropriate operating temperature. As such, the housing can significantly affect the performance of an arc lamp illuminator

With extensive experience in light source design, Optical Building Blocks is well-positioned to provide a unique light source to its customers.

Key Features

The main features of the PowerArc lamp housing design are:

  • Compact and low-cost
  • High intensity
  • Provides five to six times more light
  • Ozone free lamp housing with no venting chimney
  • Consumes less energy
  • Usable intensities available in near infrared to 2500nm and deep UV to 180nm

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