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Tunable PowerArc™ Illuminator Light Source from OBB

The Tunable PowerArc Illuminator available from Optical Building Blocks (OBB) is a high intensity CW laser that can be tuned from 250 to 1,000nm. The device is compact and portable and delivers milliwatts of energy.

The Tunable PowerArc Illuminator works as a continuously tunable high intensity laser and is capable of generating an overall spectral output from 180nm to 24µm and a tunable monochromatic light with hundreds of milliwatts of power.

OBB also offers a Tunable KiloArc Illuminator for users requiring more power in a tunable light source. The KiloArc offers hundreds of milliwatts of power for approximately twice the price of the Tunable PowerArc Illuminator.

Key Features

The main features of the Tunable PowerArc Illuminator are:

  • Compact and portable
  • Continuously adjustable bandpass from 0 to 200nm
  • Continuously tunable from 180nm to 24µm
  • Milliwatts of energy
  • Push button start for easy wavelength tunability
  • Easy-to use illuminator
  • No ozone venting required

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