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Low Noise 532nm Laser: finesse pure

The finesse pure has been built on the highly popular 532nm finesse platform and encompasses the same range of power levels, but with RMS noise reduced to below 0.03%. The noise profile has been fine-tuned to provide optimal performance in all CEP systems, and in other noise-critical applications.

Key Features

The key features of the low noise 532nm laser are:

  • RemoteApp
  • Compact design
  • Permanently aligned cavity (PAC)
  • Low noise
  • Low M-squared
  • Diode >40,000h MTTF
  • Zero-stress cavity

Key Specifications

The specifications of the low noise 532nm laser are:

Power 4 to 16W
Wavelength 532nm
Beam Size 2.25±0.25mm
Spatial Mode TEM00
Bandwidth 50GHz
Divergence 0.4mrad
M Squared <1.1
Power Stability 0.1% rms
Noise <0.03% rms
Noise Bandwidth 10Hz to 100MHz
Pointing Stability <2µrad/°C
Polarisation Ratio >100:1
Polarisation Direction Horizontal
Coherence Length 6mm
Beam Angle 1mrad
Operating Temp 25-40°C
Weight 2.5kg
Umbilical Length 2m
Warmup Time 10min


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