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Turn-Key 800nm Femtosecond Laser: gecco

The gecco is an innovative turn-key femtosecond laser that provides more than 600mW of average power in less than 20fs pulses with a repetition rate of 84MHz. Its novel design is a combination of a Ti:sapphire oscillator and a robust green pump source in a compact vibration-resistant laser head.

Key Features

The key features of the turn-key femtosecond laser are:

  • RemoteApp
  • Permanently aligned cavity (PAC)
  • Zero-stress cavity
  • 2 years/unlimited hours warranty
  • Self-starting and maintaining

Key Specifications

The specifications of the 800 nm Femtosecond laser are:

Power >600mW
Wavelength 800 nm (+/-20nm)
Spectral FWHM ~45nm +/-5nm
Pulse Duration <20fs
Beam Size ~1.2mm +/-0.2mm
M Squared ~1.1
Power Stability 1%
Noise <0.4% rms
Polarisation Ratio >100:1
Polarisation Direction Horizontal
Operating Temp 22°C +/-0.5°C
Warmup Time 20 minutes
Peak Energy 7.5nJ
Pulse/Repetition Rate 84MHz
Average Power >600 mW


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