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Quantel Centurion Diode Pumped Qswitched Nd:YAG oscillator

The Centurion combines extraordinary performance with the simplicity of using diode pumping. Cooling is provided by conduction or convection. The power dissipation is 150 watts when the laser is operating at full load.

The Centurion is part of our Big Sky Laser product line offering you tough, compact, and environmentally sealed laser products which are built and tested to military standards. Its sealed optical cavity housing is tested against temperature variations as well as shock and vibration. It is designed for use in hostile environments and for demanding industrial applications.

The cables are fully detachable and the 19 inch rack format power supply is interchangeable. Dedicated PC based software is provided with the system for control. The Centurion stands out as an essential tool for materials processing, micro-machining, or LIDAR applications.

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