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Photon etc. LLTF Contrast - Tunable Filter for Fluorescence and Raman Spectroscopy

The LLTF Contrast Tunable Filter offers novel optical filtering technology that is suitable for tunable excitation sources in fluorescence and Raman spectroscopy.

Key Features

The key features of the LLTF Tunable Filter are:

  • Efficiency up to 60%
  • Free-space or fiber coupled
  • User-friendly control software
  • High out-of-band rejection
  • Wide tuning range
LLTF Contrast - Photon etc

Applications in Thin Films

Magneto-optical (MO) effects are used either as tools for probing the magnetization reversal features of a broad range of sample types or as an effective way to modify the polarization of light through induced magnetization state in samples. In transparent samples, the Faraday effect, along with other MO effects such as Kerr measurements, provide a non-destructive probe for in-situ measurements of samples, such as thin films.

Other Applications

Characterisation of thin film filters (OD of up to 12) - A new transmittance measurement setup, using Photon etc. Laser Line Tunable Filter (LLTF) is employed to obtain spectrally resolved characterization of thin film filters with optical densities from 0 to 12 in a spectral range covering 400 nm to 1000 nm.

Tunable Laser Source - The LLTF can easily be coupled to a supercontinuum laser to provide a tunable laser source (TLS).  The TLS can deliver a quasi-monochromatic output over a spectral range going from 400 nm to 2,500 nm. This tool can be used in several experiments and fields of research which includes: photoluminescence, absorption spectroscopy, hyperspectral imaging, instrument calibration, etc.

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Technical Specifications



Spectral Range 400 to 1000 nm 1000 to 2300 nm
Bandwidth (FWHM) 2.5 nm 4 nm
Pointing Stability < 1 mm lateral displacement @ 1m from filter
Peak Transmission up to 60%
Grating Damage Threshold > 100 kW/cm2 average power
> 5 GW/cm2 peak power @ 1064 nm, 8 ns
Aperture Diameter ≤ 5 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H) 9'' x 6.3'' x 6.7''
23 cm x 16 cm x 17 cm
Operating Temperature 10 to 40°C
Storage Temperature 5 to 50°C
Software PHySpec™ included
Computer Connection USB 2.0 (compatible 1.1)
Power Supply 100 - 240 V, 50 - 60 Hz
Wavelength Relative Resolution FWHM/8
Options Free-space/Fibered Output
Order Filter
Calibration Module
FWHM < 0.4 nm

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