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Spherical Mirrors with Silver, Gold or Aluminum Coatings

EKSMA OPTICS offers metal coated spherical mirrors that come in a variety of sizes, such as round, spherical, and rectangular models. Mirrors are coated with silver, gold or aluminium.

Metallic mirrors are popular and are widely utilized because of a moderate level of reflection across a wide spectral range. Gold coatings exhibit the highest reflectance in IR, aluminium is a cost-effective reflector across the entire 300-IR region, while silver is highly efficient in VIS.

A dielectric material layer protects the coatings of the mirrors so as to make them strong and long-lasting. Improved metallic coatings deliver higher reflection over the operating bandwidth. However, metallic coatings are not suitable for polarization sensitive applications because they change the state of polarization of an incident beam.


The specifications of metallic mirrors are provided in the table below:

Type R AVE, % Wavelength, nm Damage threshold @1064 nm 10 ns
protected gold >98 900-IR 0.3 J/cm2
protected silver >96 400-IR 0.5 J/cm2
protected aluminum >86 300-IR 10-25 mJ/cm2

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