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Solarius LaserScan Surface Profilometer

The LaserScan is a surface profilometer for fast 3D laser measurement in quality assurance and process control. It represents a significant step to providing affordable non-contact surface profilometry without sacrificing accuracy. The key to the system design is the modularity of component selection.

The LaserScan does not rely on any one technology to solve ever more complex engineering problems; instead, it comes with the option of two different laser measurement sensors, making it a unique tool to meet various measuring requirements.

Affordability was a primary engineering consideration in developing the LaserScan surface profilometer and continues to be a focus in providing customized solutions.

The LaserScan features accuracy and range that address the measurement task, with vertical resolutions down to .01 µm and measurement ranges up to 10 mm. Fast sensor cycle time (up to 100 KHz) and rapid stage positioning (up to 60 mm/sec) ensure high system throughput.

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