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JASCO P-2000 Polarimeter

The P2000 digital polarimeter is completely customisable for use in your laboratory. Choose single or dual source from Tungsten, Sodium or Mercury with automatic lamp selection and a choice of up to 15 wavelength from the UV to NIR using manual filters or an automatic filter selection wheel.

In its simplest form the P-2000 can be configured for QA applications using the Na-589 line with single filter and calibrated using NIST traceable standards. You can even check the instrument using the built-in validation suite.

For more complex applications add a Tungsten or Mercury lamp and additional filters to measure rotations at a range of wavelengths

  • Resolution to 0.0001º
  • Measurement to ±90º
  • Cell Aperture sizes 1.8, 3 and 8 mm diameters, for use with narrow diameter cells
  • Measure using Standard Na-589 line or choose from a wide avelength range 880, 633, 589, 578, 546, 436, 405, 365, 334, 325, 313, 302, 296, 280, 254 nm
  • Temperature Control from 0º to 40ºC using air cooled peltier electric cell holder

JASCO has been a leading manufacturer of high performance Polarimeters since 1967, the P-2000 series includes the latest hardware technology and advanced data analysis and reporting; designed to meet the requirements of compliance GLP/GMP along with providing validation protocols and diverse wavelength settings.

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