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Sol™ 1.7 900 - 1700nm NIR TE Cooled InGaAs Array Spectrometer

The Sol 1.7 is a high performance linear InGaAS array spectrometer with 256, 512 or 1024 pixels with TE Cooling down to -10°C. It is USB 2.0 plug-and-play compatible, and is provided with a built-in 16- bit digitizer, and an SMA 905 fiber optic input. High Dynamic Range mode or High Sensitivity can be selected within pre-configured spectral range by using spectral acquisition software. Application support and customized spectral resolution are available.

The Sol 1.7 NIR spectrometer includes high resolution and extended wavelength options. Even the deeper TE Cooling is also upgraded from +5°C to -10°C in order to ensure good stability and generate less noise. Additional grating options are also present in the spectrometer, thus allowing for 18 additional configurations between 900 nm to 1700 nm, and resolution as 0.35 nm. The Sol 1.7 can be operated with a 5VDC power supply as the electronics are redesigned, thus ensuring that this can be used by OEM integrators and end users alike. Applications The Sol 1.7 has the following applications: NIR spectroscopy Material identification Quality control On-line analyzer Process monitoring

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