In-Line Film Thickness Monitoring with Spectroscopic Reflectometer - Angstrom Sun Technologies

The Angstrom Sun Technologies Integrated Solution for In-Line Film Thickness Monitoring with Spectroscopic Reflectometer is an easy to use system for monitoring film thickness and refractive index.


features of the In-Line Film Thickness Monitoring system include:

  • Low cost
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to operate with Window based software
  • Advanced optics design for best system performance
  • Array based detector system to ensure fast measurement
  • Uniquely designed light source for better intensity stability
  • Real time or in-line Monitoring film thickness and Refractive Index up to 5 layers
  • Multiple Channel/Multiple Sites Simultaneous Measurement
  • System comes with comprehensive optical constants database and library
  • Configurable to MSP (Microspectrophotometer) system, SRM Mapping system
  • Apply to many different type of substrates with different thickness
  • RS232 Protocol for Host Control
  • Auto log spectrum, thickness results and fitting graphs
  • Advanced Global ZR model allows to extract local desired information from Large Spot Area Measurement over the patterned structure such as IMD, ILD1, ILD3 etc.


The In-Line Film Thickness Monitoring system is suited to applications such as:

  • Semiconductor fabrication (PR, Oxide, Nitride..)
  • Liquid crystal display (ITO, PR, Cell gap…..)
  • Solar Cell industry
  • Inks, Mineralogy, Pigments, Toners
  • Pharmaceuticals, Medial Devices
  • Optical coatings, TiO2, SiO2, Ta2O5…..
  • Semiconductor compounds
  • Functional films in MEMS/MOEMS
  • Amorphous, nano and crystalline Si

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