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UV-NIR Large Core Optical Fibers from Newport

These are light transmitting single core optical fibers. They offer an economical and convenient method of transporting energy from light sources to samples, or from samples to spectrometers or detection systems. They are particularly useful for long distance applications. We offer 1 and 2 m length SMA terminated fibers.

Two Types of Fibers Available:

UV-VIS Fibers

These fibers have a high purity UV grade silica core and silica glass cladding. Their usable range is 250 to 2000 nm and they have a high damage threshold; for a clean input surface the damage threshold is 100 kW cm-2 in the NIR or 10 J cm-2 for =1 ns pulses, for wavelengths above 360 nm.

VIS-NIR Fibers

These fibers have a water free silica core to reduce absorption in the NIR. We also offerIR fibers which transmit to 18 Mm.

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