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Zaber Technologies XY Series Two-Axis Stages

Zaber's XY Series Two-Axis Stages are made up of 2 linear stages. They come packaged with all the accessories you will need to operate them in XY configuration. The XY stages are powered by a standard power supply and connect to the RS-232 port of any computer.


  • 13 mm up to 450 mm travel per axis
  • Built-in controllers
  • Several units daisy-chain to a single serial port
  • Available in various speed / resolution options
  • Combine various Zaber stages to help you build a wide range of multi-axis systems from XY to XYZ Theta to Gantry

Zaber's range of XY stages includes:

T-LS Linear Stages

T-LSR Linear Slides

A-LSQ Linear Stages

T-LSM Miniature Linear Stages

A-LST High-Load Linear Stages

Download the Zaber Product Catalog for more information

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