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IPG Photonics SFTL Series Broadly Tunable Single-Frequency Mid-IR Lasers

Middle Infrared lasers (2-5µm) are in great demand for a variety of applications including plastic and polymer processing, spectroscopy, non-invasive medical diagnosis, laser scalpel, remote sensing, free space communications and pumping OPOs. Numerous defense related applications include countermeasures, stand-off detection of explosion hazards, eyesafe seekers for smart munitions, and covert communications systems. Lasers based on IPG's TM:ZnSe/S crystals are the sources of choice when one needs a system that is compact, efficient, robust, powerful, and continuously tunable over a broad spectral range.

Main Features

  • Single Longitudinal Mode
  • Tunable over 2000-3000 nm
  • Narrow Linewidth Operation
  • Multi-watt Output Power
  • Tem00 Output Beam Quality


  • Free Space Communications
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • High Resolution Spectrscopy
  • Industrial Process Control


  • Power Amplifier
  • Rapid Wavelength Tuning
  • Mod-hop-free Wavelength Tuning
  • Computer Control

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