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Anritsu MS9740A Optical Spectrum Analyzer

The MS9740A is a benchtop optical spectrum analyzer covering 600 nm to 1750 nm. The MS9740A offers high-performance optical resolution and high-speed measurements to support the needs of device and component manufacturers.

Waveform data can be measured and transmitted to external control equipment within 0.2s - a 5x improvement over previous Anritsu models. This enables optical device manufacturers reduce costs and time for testing and analysis by:

  • Improving sweep speed (measurement time), and
  • Accelerating data transfer to control equipment after measurement

Combine these overall improvements with the ability to do basic analysis, and the result is excellent return on investment and improved productivity.


  • Measurement of passive optical devices in <0.2s(5nm) reduces total analysis time.
  • Dedicated applications for evaluating active optical devices
  • Excellent cost performance
  • Dynamic range performance =58 dB (0.4 nm from peak wavelength)
  • 30 pm minimum resolution
  • Supports SM and MM fibers
  • Lightweight, 50% less power consumption


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