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Thorlabs VOA50 Series Variable Optical Attenuators

The VOA50 series of in-line variable optical attenuators (VOAs) allow the user to manually vary the attenuation of the signal in the fiber as it is transmitted through the device using the screw on the side of the housing. The maximum specified attenuation is achieved within 10 turns of the adjustment screw. VOAs are often used to precisely balance the signal strengths in fiber circuits and for precisely attenuating an optical signal in order to evaluate the dynamic range of a measurement system.

All in-line VOAs have SMF-28 fiber pigtails with a 3 mm jacket. The VOA50 has unconnectorized pigtails while the pigtails on the VOA50-APC and VOA50-FC are terminated with FC/APC and FC/PC connectors, respectively.

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