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Neophotonics VOA 5000 Variable Optical Attenuators

Neophotonics' Variable Optical Attenuators set new standards in optical performance with low insertion loss, low polarization dependent loss, and low spectral dependence of attenuation. They consume very little power and are packaged in an ultra-compact hermetically sealed case and are insensitive to shock and vibration. Maximum cost efficiencies are achieved through standard and proven CMOS manufacturing processes.

The Fast VOA 5000 is the industry's smallest variable optical attenuator. It is an ultra-compact VOA that easily drops into any optical network application. With outstanding optical performance and uncompromising reliability, it is a true multi-source solution. It is available in either bright configuration or dark, which makes it suitable for almost any optical network application. Available in either bright or dark configuration.


  • Smallest VOA
  • Low loss, Low PDL
  • Hermetically sealed MEMS chip
  • Insensitive to shock and vibration
  • Bright or dark configurations


  • Power control and equalization in multichannel systems
  • Receiver protection
  • Channel on/off switching
  • Mux/Demux and OADM modules



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