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Vacuum Ultraviolet Monochromator - Model 234/302 from McPherson

The McPherson Inc. Model 234/302 Vacuum Ultraviolet Monochromator features:

  • Aberration Corrected Optical System
  • Ultraviolet Spectral Camera with CCD or MCP
  • High throughput, f/4.5
  • Optional - Multiple Port Versions
  • Optional - Ultra High Vacuum Versions
  • Compact - Rugged - Lightweight - Low cost

The Model 234/302 is a compact, multiple purpose vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) monochromator. It's size (13" x 13" x 10") and low weight (25 pounds) allow this instrument to be fixed to a vacuum plasma physics experiment or to a larger instrument as a predisperser or variable filter. It is available as a VUV scanning monochromator or as a spectrometer / vacuum ultraviolet spectral camera (spectrograph) with microchannel plate or CCD detectors. Multi port flexibility even allow it to be set up as a both simultaneously, scanning monochromator and spectral camera.

The Model 234/302 optical design is based on the Seya-Namioka, simple grating rotation changes the output wavelength. To make use of special grating technologies a 64-degree included angle is used. A 1200g/mm type IV aberration corrected concave grating is used for optimum performance. A variety of diffraction gratings are available for the instrument ranging from 2400 to 300g/mm. The grating rotation is controlled by Model 789A-3 digital stepping drive.

A compact, lightweight design allows users to mount this instrument directly to experimental chambers. By design, the slit assemblies can support the weight of the entire instrument. Model 234/302 is popular for use in systems due to its compact design, high throughput and resolution.

Multiple Ports The Model 234/302 can be supplied with an additional entrance or exit port. Vacuum selectable mirrors are available and useful on systems where two detectors are used.

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