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JENAer Meßtechnik ZLM 800 Dual-Frequency Laser Interferometer

The ZLM 800 Dual-Frequency Laser Interferometer is the latest highlight in Jena's long tradition of designing and building laser interferometers. The tried-and-tested properties of the stabilized He-Ne gas laser as a dimensional standard are combined with state- of-the-art electronic circuitry to provide a novel type of interferometric measuring system.

Programmable ASIC devices provide unparalleled capabilities for tailoring the system to specific custom requirements.

Applications of the ZLM 800 range from a stand-alone calibration system and multi-axis positioning set-ups to complete control systems for very fast kinetic processes. It is possible to completely evaluate the kinetic behaviour of machines and mechanisms and to analyse it in a user-specific way with the comfortable WINDOWS™ software.

An all-modular system with superb Zeiss optics, the ZLM 800 is the perfect solution to all measuring assignments accessible to laser interferometry:

  • position
  • distance
  • speed
  • acceleration
  • angel
  • vibration
  • straightness
  • squareness
  • flatness
  • alignment

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