OS Series Mounts - Enhance Your Optical Stability

The Optical Surfaces series of OS mounts were designed for holding off-axis paraboloids, flats and spheres in applications where stability is vital.

The OS mounts built-in black anodized aluminum offers a safe and stable platform for optical components with diameters from 100 to 550 mm.

Angular alignment can be attained between two axes by employing dual-action adjusters with fine screw and ultra-fine differential micrometer action. It is possible to quickly align a mirror or an optical component within a few arc seconds using these mounts.

Each OS mount accompanies a base plate that enables fast and easy mounting onto an optical table or other support.

  • Custom Mounts
  • Diameter 300–550 mm — Standard (OS)
  • Diameter <300 mm — Standard (OS)
  • Diameter <300 mm — Compact (OSZ)

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