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VPH Transmission Gratings from Wasatch Photonics

VPH transmission gratings from Wasatch Photonics offer uniform performance, low polarization dependence, and high efficiency across large clear apertures and broad bandwidths—all in a powerful, field-tested package.

Wasatch Photonics provides several patented design technologies, which provide users with more flexibility to select the best transmission grating for their exclusive application. Users can select from the company’s in-stock gratings (available for quick purchase online) or discuss developing a custom grism or grating for their next research and development project.

For users designing a new OEM product, Wasatch Photonics can design a custom transmission grating that suits their exact requirements. The flexible nature of the design and manufacturing process used allows for the design of bespoke gratings to the specific application and use case. Grating designs can be created operating at UV, VIS, & NIR wavelengths spanning 300-2500 nm, with bandwidths of 20-800 nm and line frequencies of 150-5000 lines/mm. Fabrication is available on multiple glass types, in any size or shape that can be drilled or diced, from 8 mm to 30 cm. Being an experienced volume gratings supplier, Wasatch Photonics provides consistency, performance, and quality that can be trusted by users. 

The transmission gratings from Wasatch Photonics provide industry-leading performance for astronomy, hyperspectral imaging, and laser pulse compression. The company’s patented HD transmission gratings and Dickson gratings deliver high efficiency across broad bandwidths. Thus, these gratings are perfect for challenging applications in Raman and fluorescence spectroscopy, optical coherence tomography (OCT), and other high speed, low-light-level applications. Users can contact the company’s experts to discuss their requirements.



Pulse Compression (left) and OCT  (right)


Hyperspectral Imaging (left) and Astronomy (right)


Spectroscopy (left) and Grisms (right)

For users who require only a single grating, they can select from the stock products at the Wasatch Photonics website, or contact the company with their specific requirements. Learn more about the advantages of VPH gratings

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