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Tropel UltraFlat 200 Mask System from Corning Advanced Optics

Corning’s Tropel® UltraFlat™ 200 Mask System is built mainly for the photomask sector. It provides the lowest measurement uncertainty for stringent mask flatness specifications. Shrinking device features necessitate flatter wafers as well as flatter masks.

The UltraFlat™ system can be employed to measure the flatness of photomasks and photoblanks across all stages of manufacturing and use, such as coating and patterning to examine film stress, substrate polishing, and verification.

The UltraFlat™ system makes use of a highly robust structural design, near-normal incidence interferometry, Tropel’s well-known phase-shifting analysis software, and advanced optical fabrication methods to offer a measurement uncertainty of just 20 nm.

The system is National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)-traceable and delivers measurements that comply with SEMI criteria. Users can also purchase an automated photomask handling and measurement configuration.

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