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Optical Coatings on Fiber Tips from Omega Optical

Omega has mastered the ability to coat fiber tips. Nearly any filter can be applied to the tip of a fiber optic (anti-reflection, bandpass shortpass, longpass, etc) as long as the total thickness of the thin-film stack remains less than about 7 microns. The R&D department has perfected an in-fiber monitoring system and fixturing to enable this technology. 

The tips can be bare, lensed, tapered, or connectorized. Both multimode and single fiber can be coated; however, the angular distribution in multimode fiber should be considered with regard to the distributions of AOI at the coatings. These coatings are strong and enable a coated tip to be linked to an uncoated tip.

Omega Optical coats the fiber that is placed on customized jigs. These jigs can be used with a variety of connectors such as SC, ST, FC, etc.


  • Fiber interferometers
  • Fiber lasers
  • Fiber-based flow cytometry
  • Fiber Raman probes
  • Laser eye surgery
  • Laser coupling

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