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Coatings for Micro Optics Applications

Optics Balzers offers a coating service for microoptics applications. The service involves coating of lenses and rod lenses with diameters ranging from 0.8 to 12.0 mm and also small prisms, used for instance, in endoscopes.

The key service offered by Optics Balzers is the coating of substrates supplied by the customer.

The company’s coatings in the field of microoptics and coating service include:

  • Broadband-AR: For instance, Supertriolin™
  • Iralin™: An antireflection coating to reduce reflection loss
  • Gelot™: A solderable gold coating, either patterned or on the entire substrate
  • Laser-AR: For instance, Duolin™ and Laser Transmax™
  • Black-Chrome: Absorbing layer for the visible range
  • Patterning: All the numerous coatings can also be patterned

The Strengths of Optics Balzers

  • Quick turnaround
  • Continuous monitoring of consistent coating processes by skilled coating engineers
  • Wide-ranging knowledge in the field of substrate cleaning, and application of state-of-the-art cleaning processes
  • Advanced systems engineering and advanced measurement processes
  • In-house tool design and dedicated tool manufacture using CNC-regulated equipment

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