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Dichroic Beamsplitters for the Maximum Spectral Stability

The dichroic beamsplitters available from Optics Balzers meet very narrow spectral band edge tolerances. They guarantee the highest spectral stability, and very minimal residual optical absorption losses.

Unique steep-edge designs allow very narrow spectral transition regions between high-transmitting and high-reflecting wavelength regions, even for randomly polarized light.

Plasma-assisted processes are used to deposit the all-dielectric interference filters, which exhibit extreme environmental stability. Spectral performance, filter dimension, and angle of incidence can be enhanced based on customer needs.


  • Fluorescence microscopy
  • Combiner head-up display
  • Ophthalmologic surgery

Dichroic Beamsplitters for the Maximum Spectral Stability

Dichroitic beamsplitter in a fluorescence spectroscopy set up
Combiner Head-Up Display
Fluorescence Microscopy
Ophthalmologic Surgery

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