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Improving Standards for TIR and RTIR Prism Assemblies

The manufacturing standards of LightGate™, also referred to as RTIR and TIR prisms, by Optics Balzers has now been enhanced by new competence.

Optics Balzers’ bonding technology decreases the air-gap height to 2 μm and offers complete air-gap sealing. This results in minimal long-term image degradation by inhibiting gas or dust from entering the gap.

Precision blackening technology enables precise positioning and patterning of the absorptive paint. Predicting an expanding market, all processes have been automated to fulfill superior quality standards at mass production volumes.


  • Projection display—Portable and embedded
  • Projection display—Large venue and cinema

Improving Standards for TIR and RTIR Prism Assemblies

Schematic of DLP Projection
Projection Display - Portable & Embedded
Projection Display – Large Venue & Cinema

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