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TrueSurface Microscopy: Topographic Raman Imaging from WiTec

Profilometry and Chemical Analysis in One Pass

The patented TrueSurface Microscopy option from WITec allows confocal Raman imaging guided by surface topography.

Topographic Raman Imaging is a technique initiated by WITec. This technique uses an innovative optical profilometer incorporated within the instrument in order to provide one-pass simultaneous operation.

Topographic Raman microscopy image of micro-structured silicon.

Topographic Raman microscopy image of a pharmaceutical tablet with corresponding spectra.

The TrueSurface Principle

3D chemical characterization on inclined, rough or irregularly-shaped samples can be performed accurately along or at a set distance from a surface without the need for sample preparation.

In confocal microscopy, light from outside the focal plane is strongly reduced by the detection pinhole. With the TrueSurface module, it is possible to keep the sample's surface in focus during the complete measurement procedure, regardless of its topography.

The distance between the objective and the sample surface is controlled with sub-micrometer precision by the optical sensor. Thus, any deviation occurring during measurements with extended integration times is compensated for, resulting in images that are perfectly sharp and detailed.

Topographic Raman microscopy image of indented text on a glucose energy stick.

Topographic Raman microscopy image of cellulose fibers of paper.

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