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Optical Surfaces Receives Repeat Order for Production of Precision Optics Module

Optical Surfaces Ltd. has received a repeat order from Natural Power for the production of the precision optics module that forms a key component at the heart of the company's ZephIR® laser anemometer.

The accurate prediction of energy yields is fundamental to the success of wind farm projects. Yield prediction accuracy increases by collecting high quality data from numerous points throughout a wind farm and at heights across the full turbine height. This density of data collection is difficult and expensive to achieve with traditional anemometry masts alone. In addition, traditional anemometry masts raise significant associated issues including the need for building permits and health & safety concerns. The ZephIR laser aneometer provides complete wind resource measurement including horizontal and vertical wind speed, wind direction and turbulence at any height up to 200 metres without the need for a mast thereby eliminating the need for planning permission or working at height. The portability of ZephIR and ease of deployment makes high density data collection a reality with 50 measurements per height per second, both horizontally and vertically across the extent of the measurement site.

Dr Aris Kouris - Sales Manager at Optical Surfaces Ltd commented 'Renewable energy is an important part of the future - we were delighted to receive the enlarged repeat order for the ZephIR laser anemometer optical modules. To achieve the ultimate in performance with the fewest components our optical module incorporates a 200mm focal length aspheric doublet. The ability of the ZephIR to produce variable focus at different heights is achieved by using a "point" source originating from a single mode fibre which is located at different longitudinal positions just beyond the front focal plane of the optical module. The aspheric lenses in the optical module have a durable V-coat to allow the lens surfaces to be cleaned and to optimise performance at 1.5 microns'.

Optical Surfaces Ltd. has been producing optical components and systems for more than 45 years and is now accepted as one of Europe's leading manufacturers of high-precision optics for remote sensing and environmental research. The company's main workshops and test facilities are deep underground in a series of tunnels excavated in solid chalk where temperature remains constant and vibration is practically non-existent. With such stable conditions testing particularly with long path lengths become quantifiable and reliable. Working with these natural advantages is a highly skilled team of craftsmen with a commitment to excellence in both product quality and customer service. Optical Surfaces ISO 9001-2000 approved manufacturing facility provides the flexible resources to supply from single specialist requirements to OEM quantities. All high precision optics are provided with a complete quality test assurance report.

Natural Power collaborate with educational institutes and R&D houses, and invest in new technologies that add value to renewable energy projects. Through a team of in-house specialists including project managers, ecologists, GIS and mapping experts, construction managers, wind farm designers, geotechnical engineers and land agents - Natural Power have developed a portfolio of advanced natural power tools which provide great benefit to clients.

For further information please contact Optical Surfaces Ltd. by telephone on +44-208-668-6126 or email [email protected]


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