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Melt Indexer and Capillary Rheometer with iCloud Interface

Dynisco, Franklin, Mass., is now offering the latest melt indexer in its LMI-5000 series and the latest capillary rheometer in its LCR-7000 series both of which feature single-board Windows 10 computers and have iCloud interface. As such, results from these instruments can be correlated with production results in real time.

Dynisco’s LMI 7500 capillary rheometer.

The new LMI-5500 Melt Flow Indexer is 60% smaller than its predecessors, user-friendly and includes the capability to test higher-temperature materials in accordance with ISO 1133-2. With features such as its patent-pending location-based gravity correction, Windows 10 IoT software, automatic sample cutter, and touch-screen display, the LMI-5500 is said to set the standard for accuracy and reliability when evaluating polymer melt flow characteristics. The instrument reportedly provides quick and accurate measurement of melt flow characteristics to determine material quality, lot to lot consistency, and ensure what you are buying is in fact what you need.

The new LCR-7500 Capillary Rheometer features both a single and dual barrel configurations, providing flexibility when experimenting with different materials or testing conditions.  The LCR-7500 is equipped with the new RheoSights software that allows for connection to Dynisco’s Cloud Console which provides further insights comparing test-to-test, operator-to-operator, machine-to-machine, and plant-to-plant globally on computers, tablets or smartphones. The LCR-7500 boasts many new features, is versatile and easy-to-use yet reportedly offers the most sophisticated materials characterization, data analysis, and reporting capabilities. LCR-7500 instruments can be used with a standard load cell and mounted pressure transducer and all are equipped with RheoSights—reportedly the most powerful and easy to use rheological Windows- based software package available. As such, this capillary rheometer is said to offer the widest range of testing capabilities for both QC and R&D work. 



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