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Edmund Optics® Awarded Two Laser Focus World Innovators Awards for 2019

Edmund Optics® (EO), leading provider of optical and imaging components, is proud to announce that it has won two Laser Focus World Innovators Awards for 2019! The first is a Silver-Level Award for its Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) Mirrors and the second is a Bronze-Level Award for its Highly-Dispersive Ultrafast Mirrors! Honorees of the Laser Focus World Innovators Awards are recognized for developing innovative solutions in optics and photonics products and systems.

Silver-Level Award Winner: Extreme Ultraviolet Mirrors

Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) Mirrors are multilayer mirrors designed for maximum achievable reflectance at 13.5nm. EUV radiation is utilized in a number of forward-thinking technologies including lithography, nanoscale imaging, and spectroscopy.

Sourcing EUV optical components for beam steering and focusing has traditionally been extremely difficult because, until now, EUV optics had to be custom ordered. Prices for small quantities were also prohibitive for many and lead times were on the order of months. EO is the first optical component supplier to offer off-the-shelf ​flat and spherical EUV mirrors in-stock and ready for immediate shipping. This helps to reduce the price and lead time for small quantities.

This is especially important for rapid system repair and prototyping. EUV Mirrors from EO are designed for EUV beam steering and harmonic separation. They feature a coating deposited on substrates with a surface roughness less than 3Å RMS for minimal scatter.​

Bronze-Level Award Winner: Highly-Dispersive Ultrafast Mirrors

Highly-dispersive ultrafast mirrors are critical for pulse compression and dispersion compensation in ultrafast laser systems. EO offers Highly-Dispersive Ultrafast Mirrors at common wavelengths including ​800 nm, 1030 nm, and 2 µm.

Ultrafast lasers emit extremely short pulses with durations of picoseconds, femtoseconds, or attoseconds, and are advantageous for a wide range of applications. However, because wavelength bandwidth increases with decreasing pulse duration, ultrafast lasers have broad wavelength spreads. Dispersion of this wide bandwidth as it transmits through optical media stretches out the pulse duration, which is detrimental in ultrafast applications. This makes highly-dispersive ultrafast mirrors an important part of ultrafast laser systems.

As with its EUV Mirrors, EO is the only optical component supplier to offer highly-dispersive ultrafast mirrors as standard products available for same-day shipping. Its standard selection of Highly-Dispersive Ultrafast Mirrors makes obtaining small quantities viable and eliminates long lead-times for coating runs. This enables ultrafast source development and system prototyping, benefiting designers and system integrators.

Edmund Optics is honored to be recognized for both of these awards.


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