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Mounted or Unmounted Spherical Mirrors

Optical Surfaces Ltd. is a leading international manufacturer of high precision spherical mirrors with radii (Rc) from 25 to 5000mm (1 to 200 inches) for use in UV-Visible and Infrared applications including Schlieren imaging, wind tunnels, observatory spectrographs, bubble chambers and as hindle spheres to test hyperboloids.

Over the last 50+ years, Optical Surfaces has produced concave and convex spherical mirrors with diameters up to 1.3 metres (511 inches) in a wide range of materials and coatings for leading research establishments and organisations worldwide

With workshops and test facilities deep underground where temperatures remain constant and vibration is practically non-existent Optical Surfaces routinely produces spherical mirrors of unmatched quality. Typical achievable surface accuracy is better than lambda/30 p-v, surface quality 10:5 scratch dig and micro roughness less than 1.2nm RMS. These same unique production facilities allow Optical Surfaces to manufacture and test very long radii spherical mirrors by taking full advantage of the long tunnels they have at their disposal.

For applications where stability is critical, Optical Surfaces can also supply its high-quality OS Series mounts to provide a secure platform for your spherical mirrors. Angular alignment of mounted mirrors is achieved about the vertical and horizontal axes using dual action adjusters with fine screw and ultra-fine differential micrometer action. Using these mounts, it is possible to rapidly align a large diameter mirror within a few arc seconds.   A range of additional motorised options are available for OS Series mounts to enable remote operation in hostile environments or for use in limited space applications where manual adjustment may be difficult.

Optical Surfaces ISO 9001-2000 approved manufacturing facility provides the flexible resources to supply from single specialist requirements to OEM quantities. Benefiting from its stable environment, quality testing becomes quantifiable and reliable. All spherical mirrors are provided with a complete quality test assurance report.

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