Phenom-World Launches Phenom Pro and ProX Generation 5 SEMs at Microscopy & Microanalysis Conference USA

Image Credits: Phenom-World BV

Phenom-World, the leading global supplier of desktop scanning electron microscopes (SEMs), today introduced its 5th generation Phenom Pro and ProX SEMs. The systems’ enhanced imaging performance, 20 percent resolution improvement, larger choice of detectors and new software significantly widen their application range, while still maintaining the ease-of-use that Phenom-World’s SEMs are known for. Their excellent performance offers a serious alternative to floor model SEMs in applications that include materials science, industrial manufacturing, electronics, earth science, life sciences, education, and more.

Desktop SEMs have matured and are providing valuable and reliable results. Increasingly, SEM users are realizing that they do not need a full-size floor model SEM for many SEM jobs. In fact, most of our currently installed desktop SEM systems are being used in applications that previously used floor model systems. Our generation 5 SEMs will only accelerate this trend.

Emile Asselbergs, CEO, Phenom-World

Advanced New Features

Generation 5 is a big step forward and adds a number of advanced features. Imaging is improved, thanks to new electronics and an improved lens. Resolution is at least 20 percent better. In addition, an optional high-end secondary electron detector is now available, extending their application to situations that require more sensitivity to surface information. The generation 5 SEMs also allow the user to image materials that are very sensitive to beam damage. Glove box compatibility allows imaging of highly-reactive materials that need to be manipulated in an inert gas environment, such as argon or nitrogen. Moreover, thanks to new software features, the excellent user experience that is the hallmark of all Phenom-World products has been taken to the next level.

Jos Maas, Director of Product Marketing, Phenom-World

Built on Success

The Phenom Pro and ProX generation 5 SEMs come with all the unique features that have made their predecessors a phenomenal success. They are robust, vibration-insensitive SEMs that allow easy sample handling and deliver an image very quickly – about 30 seconds. A long-lifetime, high-brightness CeB6 source provides excellent image quality, even in low vacuum conditions when analyzing non-conductive samples. A powerful and very transparent application programming interface (API) makes it easy for users to optimize imaging and image processing for their own dedicated workflows. Additionally, on the Phenom ProX, a fully-integrated energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy (EDS) detector lets users analyze elemental composition and distribution at the microscopic scale.

This new generation of SEMs clearly shows our commitment to innovation that makes our customers’ jobs easier, so they can achieve their goals faster. It also demonstrates the growing capability of desktop SEMs, which is making them the first choice for many high-end applications.

Emile Asselbergs, CEO, Phenom-World

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