IXYS Announces Availability of Dual High-Speed Optical Logic Isolator

IXYS’ wholly owned subsidiary, IXYS Integrated Circuits Division has declared that the CPC5002 Dual High-Speed, Open Drain Digital Optical Isolator from the new family of high speed communication ICs is now available.

The CPC5002 provides 10Mbaud typical data rates for achieving effective digital communications over an optical barrier and delivers 3750 Vrms of galvanic isolation. Being offered as eight-pin surface mount configuration or DIP packages, the CPC5002 is classified into two logic signals.

The CPC5002 needs only 1.5 mA LED drive current and using a low-power, high-gain CMOS photodetector, it serves to be the lowest power optical isolator or optocoupler in the industry. The CPC5002 ensures a higher degree of design flexibility with assured operation reduced to 2.7 V.

The CPC5002 optical solution is unique among the magnetically isolated digital isolator ICs, capacitive isolators, and transformers as it does not need any internal clocking and supports direct coupled logic-level isolation, with no refresh clocks. Furthermore, the exceptional design of the CPC5002 optical isolator ensures extended operational life and excellent reliability.

The CPC5002 Dual High-Speed Digital Optical Isolator is a premium solution of choice for clock and data signals in bus receiver and also for isolated line receiver applications. The device also supports Power-over-Ethernet (POE) applications, by better handling buffering and isolation of signals that exist between the Power Supply Equipment (PSE) controller and the host controller.

Further applications of CPC5002 optical solution encompass isolated signal monitoring and control, and power supply high side interface. With wide operational power supply range specification of 2.7 V to 5.5V, this solution provides logic-level translation applications. The CPC5002 is UL 1577 listed and EN/IEC 60950 certified.

Source: http://www.ixysic.com/

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