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VSG's 3D Visualization Software to Come Packaged with Zradia's 3D X-Ray Systems

VSG, Visualization Sciences Group, and Xradia Inc. today announced they have signed an OEM partnership agreement. Xradia will offer VSG’s Avizo Fire software as their primary product offering for high-end 3D visualization and analysis that is used in conjunction with the company’s 3D X-ray imaging solutions.

The offering enables fast analysis and modeling of Xradia’s outstanding 3D imaging solutions for computed tomography at true submicron and nanometer levels of resolution, combining the best in-class solutions by both companies. This combination enables and facilitates a wide range of research, engineering and industrial applications. For example, in the oil and gas industry, X-ray CT-derived 3D segmented pore structures of rocks are used as the base grid systems for applying digital rock physics modeling of static and dynamic rock properties including porosities, permeabilities, multi-phase relative permeabilities and capillary pressures. These properties are essential for resource assessment and for production design and optimization of oil and gas assets.

According to Dr. Avrami Grader, chief scientist at Ingrain Rocks, “Rock and fluid transport properties are used by the oil and gas industry for field scale models that predict recovery factors and production schedules that define the economics of resource development. Traditional physical measurements of these properties can be time consuming, and in some cases impossible to carry out. The ability to perform digital rock physics or virtual core analysis enables us to provide our clients with much needed data in a cost effective manner and in weeks instead of months. Our Xradia/Avizo Fire solution provides tremendous support in creating accurate, efficient workflows for challenging reservoir environments. The superior level of physics, mathematics, computer science, and mechanics of the Xradia and VSG products and the technical collaboration between the three companies have allowed us to focus our efforts on delivering core analysis products to our clients with the same rigor.”

In another example, the semiconductor industry uses the combined solution for failure analysis processes such as bump crack detection and wire bond breaks of complex semiconductor packages. The ability to reliably segment data, non-destructively image an intact device, and then progressively test under varying conditions enables semiconductor manufacturers to cope with the development of ever-more complex 3D chip devices.

Xradia's portfolio of X-ray microscopes (XRM) employ advanced optics technology to nondestructively produce 3D images of objects with exceptional spatial resolution and contrast. These systems help advance innovation in science and industry in a large variety of applications by providing unique insight into the internal structure of materials. The Xradia VersaXRM and UltraXRM systems combine together or with other imaging modalities, including light and electron microscopes and scanning probes, to provide a multi length scale 3D imaging solution that spans from centimeters to 50 nm in resolution.

Avizo Fire software from VSG allows the import and fusion of 2D and 3D computed tomography data and gives insight into the details of properties on full 3D structures at any scale and size. Using powerful volume rendering, segmentation, 3D reconstruction and quantification tools, Avizo Fire enables researchers to perform interactive exploration, visualization, analysis and measurement, as well as to deliver powerful presentations of their results. For a wide range of applications, Avizo Fire delivers the whole feature set allowing scientists and engineers to see the invisible, and to understand and present their data.

“Xradia XRM solutions complemented by VSG’s Avizo Fire product represent an unprecedented combination for today’s challenges in understanding the most complex materials structures” says Patrick Barthelemy, VSG General Manager for North America. “This full solution is the answer to the increasing complexity of research in many applications.”

“We like to ask our customers, ‘if you could see anything, what would you look for?’” says Dr. Kevin Fahey, Vice President and Chief Materials Scientist at Xradia. “The combination of non-destructive imaging and reliable quantification and analysis make VSG Avizo Fire/Xradia XRM a must-have solution for any academic research center or industrial R&D facility.”

The combined XRM/Avizo Fire solution is immediately available through Xradia sales channels. Visit .


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